Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Parrot Puppet

I was contacted 2 weeks ago by someone on facebook and was asked to build them a parrot puppet. I based the new character on the previous birds i have designed, but i decided to make this one a bit more flamboyant.

As you can see here whilst the finished Parrot is still small it makes a big impact with the Mohawk and bright coloured markings. Although you cannot see them in this picture i hand dyed some ostrich feathers and glued them into the Mohawk. They are dyed to match the colour of the eye surrounds. I will be shipping the Parrot tomorrow so i am writing this blog post as a way of enjoying it while i still have it.

On a completely different note for all of you puppeteers and puppet builders out there who have not yet signed up to Puppet Hub, i recommend it!

Take care - Dave

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