Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Video update

So this may seem like a cop-out... but I assure you it's a real blog!
Like everyone in the world i've been busy recently, here is my attempt to get you up to speed with what is and isn't happening in the workshop right now. First of all I need to make an apology of sorts, which is best summed up in this video:

Things have calmed down a bit since making that video, but the Christmas break brings with it hectic activity too so I i'm taking a moment to enjoy the lull before the next storm :)

The annoying thing is I am working on a really exciting project which I am nowhere near being able to show to you all - and because it's very incomplete I can't really even talk about it which makes it worse! Anyway... all will be revealed soon I promise!

Last weekend my wife and I went on a weekend break in Barcelona. It's a great place and I certainly had some fun making videos as we were going around the Tourist sites. My video making habit is more tolerated than celebrated... but being a YouTube partner I feel a sense of duty :)

Here's a video from the weekend which I made in the Sagrada Familia:

LAST but not least - This video may well be of interest to some of you... please email me on united@kingdomfaith.com if what I talk about (in this video) interests you!

Take care and have a great Christmas - Dave

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