Thursday, 22 April 2010

My Son continues to AMAZE me!

So I've been a Dad now for almost 6 months... which means I've spent the past 6 months in amazement at my son Samuel. However this week he raised the bar on himself!

We recently went away on a little family holiday to Poole in Dorset. We had been planning on going to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Bosnia... but due to the Volcanic Ash floating over Europe all flights were cancelled so we had to holiday closer to home. Whilst away on holiday we decided to play catch with a rustly ball we had bought to entertain Sam on the plane... we decided to give it to him anyway even though we weren't flying - he LOVED it! check out the video below to see how well he reacted to it:


Elena Malec said...

OMG, such a bundle of joy and happiness!You must be so proud a daddy!Congratulation for your beau-tigful son and his healthy laughter. These the best moments of ones life.

Philip said...

That's so awesome. What a cute little guy--I underestimated the entertainment factor in being a parent.