Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I'm back from I-Fest and have had a little break - but now it's full speed ahead in the workshop again!

One thing I did realise when I came home from the States was I never showed a video of Wolfgang - I just posted his photo on here. Now don't get me wrong the video isn't going to be an Oscar winner or anything like that... but i like it. It doesn't even feature any good puppetry... but it's fun: enjoy!

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Nosimad Monston said...

You sure make it easy to admire the art of puppetry with a video that goes over so well with even the youngest of kids. Nicely done, you've obviously got alot of enthusiasm and talent for the craft. I just created a hobby site that has a puppetry element and if I can produce on half the level your at one day, i'll consider my venture a victory. Keep up the great work.