Tuesday, 28 August 2012

If you'd love a fun monster puppet, then you're going to want to meet: 
Parker the Monster!

Parker is a brand new professional quality live-hand puppet made in England by Hellyer's Puppet Workshop. He measures approximately 22inches (56cm) tall, and has an excellent arm span of approximately 48inches (120cm) allowing real scope for expressive arm gestures. He has a 'shock pink' tummy with individually sewn in purple spots. Parker's live-hands will enable you to pick up and handle props effectively and really add an extra level of believability to your show. You can perform with Parker on your own by pinning one hand to his side, or for maximum effect perform him with an assistant. 

He's a great fun character who will really engage audiences of any age... he's a happy little monster :)

Like all the puppets made in Hellyer's Puppet Workshop Parker has been made out of great quality materials. Parker's body is made out of durable and lightweight mini-cell foam and his head is made out of durable and flexible reticulated foam. His body is covered completely in 2" pile 'shock pink' faux fur fabric with purple faux fur detailing. His head and hands are also coloured in the same way as you can see in the photos. Details on Parkers eyes are made form hand-dyed antron fleece. He is lined in polar fleece for added comfort. 

Note: This professional quality puppet has been hand made by Hellyer's Puppet Workshop for adults, it is not a toy. Hellyer's Puppets are used in many countries in shows and films to enthral and entertain. If you'd like to find out more about our puppets and how they're made search online for: "Hellyers Puppet Workshop"

We hope you love this character as much as we do - Happy Bidding!

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Unknown said...

Hi! This is off topic, but only because I tried to contact you via your listed email address and it failed. Anyway:

I am building a robot circus, and I’m hoping you might mention it on your website.

In a junk-punk, post-apocalyptic future an incorrigible showman and a boy genius build robotic animals from trash and make them the stars of a travelling circus. That is the premise of a new animatronics/puppetry-based live show I’m developing.

To showcase the concept, I’ve made a website with 4 short films plus loads of photos, music and artwork, featuring:

- A robotic octopus who plays the xylophone
- A fortune-telling mechanical ant
- Unique musical instruments made from repurposed electronics
- Ringmasters, clowns, showgirls and more.

In summary, this is geek/robot/puppetry/theatre/scifi/junk-punk/music/animatronic/circus heaven, and I hope you will help me spread the word.


Love and kisses,

Patrick Gleeson