Monday, 11 January 2010

Meet Geoff the parrot!

So I've shown you photos of Geoff already... but here's a brief video explaining how he works:


Janet said...

I really like Geoff! I volunteer with a children's theatre, designing costumes. I decided to take a break this next season, and the director approaches me and says, "Do you think you can build our parrot puppet for Aladdin?" (Sigh) "Sure, why not?" My 15 yo son and I built a Chinese dragon-style Kaa for Jungle Book last year, but I have never constructed a puppet before. I'd be designing our puppet to look more like the Disney version, but would you be willing to share instructions on how to make the basic body? Thanks, Janet

HellyersOnline said...

@Janet, If you've never built a puppet before the way I built Geoff will not help you as I mostly made him up as I went along. It's probably worth checking out as they have some great patterns for beginners. Also have patterns available.

Have fun building!

puppatoons said...

That was pretty smart, using the "modesty veil"--is that what you called it? Brilliant. I was also quite fascinated with the wing movement. Lovely job!!!