Friday, 5 February 2010

New site ready to launch

I'm very excited at the moment for a number of reasons... but one of them is my new website. Those of you that follow my blog here will know I have been trying to update/improve my website since 2007 so this has been no small effort! As these things seem to work in my experience you wait ages for any progress on a project at all and then it seems like the floodgates have opened and all of a sudden you're ahead of where you had anticipated being.

Rather than updating my website I've built a completely new one which I will be able to change myself without needing to ask others to do it for me (which is something that pleases me no end!). At the moment I'm beta testing the site bus what I can say for now is I'm really happy to have finally moved out of the dark ages and into something which better reflects me and my work.

I'll post a link next week to the site so you can go and have a nose around it.
Take care - Dave