Sunday, 7 October 2007

clearing out the cobWEBs

So it's almost exactly 1 year on from the launch of the website: ( they both point to the same site). I am excited to say I have been working with my brother Adam to design a new look for the site... something a bit more polished and future-proof. The boys at Vivid Broadcast have once again stepped up to the plate to build and host the website for me. I can't thank Rory and Stephen enough for their commitment and encouragement. It's also really cool how Adam, whilst living in South Africa is still able to read my mind and design something great despite my garbled instructions :)

The target for the launch of the new look website is the end of this month. I will doubtless make more of a song and a dance about it nearer the time. One of the very important features that will be added is the links to One Way UK's shop where from next year you will be able to purchase puppets I have designed!

I am really excited about all the changes, we hope to have "characters" and "gallery" pages. One will details all the different characters which have come out of the workshop, and the gallery will show you some behind the scenes photos and also performance shots. All in all it's going to be great fun to re-launch and hopefully it will be open for browsing very soon!

Take care

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