Friday, 26 October 2007


It's just after 8.30 am and myself and Shelley are making our last minute preparations for the EPMF this weekend. I didn't get to be until 2am and i was up this morning at about 6.30am. Last night i took the opportunity to make sure i had got all the puppets and props i would need for my workshops, this morning i remembered we may need to pack clothes for the weekend as well :)

I will take my camera so i will post pictures up on here as soon as i am back home. I am looking forward to meeting Dale VonSeggen again, i haven't seen him for about 6 years but he was a key character in my getting serious about puppetry.

In life generally the mood is subdued at the moment. Spurs seem to have sacked Martin Jol last night. I know our results have been poor so far this season, but i think he should be given more of a chance as we have had two of our best seasons since the 60s under his leadership! (brief football reference for those who are wondering).

Have a great weekend folks, all the best.


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