Friday, 12 October 2007

Germany - welcome to the party!

Across all the websites I keep active (youtube/myspace/etc) it's always great to get feedback from viewers and new friends. Out of curiosity I linked the Google Analytics application to the blog because it can show you how many people read it (just like myspace and youtube) but interestingly it also shows you what country people are reading the blog from! It's no secret that I'm a bit of a geek so this was fascinating... so far people from Australia, America. South Africa and Greenland have read this blog, as well as my fellow Brits. That's amazing to think that people on the other side of the world are having a quick look at this - I'd better make it interesting!

So what's going on in the workshop? For the last couple of days I have been working on an experiment. Following a conversation about the merits of different kinds of glue with a friend of mine I decided to change the glue i used when i made my next puppet to see what difference it made. Normally I use a contact adhesive (contact cement for our American cousins), however my friend uses hot glue. I had always been under the impression that hot glue wasn't as strong as contact adhesive but apparently that isn't the case. So I have made a puppet using (almost) only hot glue. I will post pictures later this weekend when he is finished... the head and body are done but I haven't made any arms yet. It's been great fun and quite liberating in a funny way. There is far more ceremony involved with using contact adhesive as you have to apply it in a certain way in order for it to work, this can sometimes slow you down. I found myself really getting on a creative roll with the hot glue because it I far more immediate.

So the big question is which glue will I use in future? simple - both!

So why was this post called "Germany - welcome to the party"?... yesterday I noticed that we had our first blog reader from Germany! Willkommen, wie geht es Dir?

thanks for reading folks I will post pics of the new character very soon.



mark said...

dankeschön for the warm welcome :) we met in the youtube comments before i think...

cheers from berlin,

Adam said...

I remember when I first started getting visitors to my Polyrhythm Myspace page from other countries. Heck, even from other cities was cool in the beginning. The ability to make connections in this way is probably the coolest innovation for me since computers became so popular. Being my own worst critic, it was cool to see people from all over the place actually enjoying what I did! It's kept me motivated more than once.